A downloadable game for Windows


Trampled Flower is a game made by Rukomura and Meepy on RPG Maker VX Ace in one week. It's a very short game, spanning from 10~20 minutes.

The game focuses on Quinn, a young teen wandering and sleeping in their room. But nothing is as it seems.

The plot is kept vague as It's up to the player to make their own conclusion and find the "truth" about these whole instances. A dream? Reality? Delusion? You decide.


The gameplay is limited, as this game relies on exploring the room and finding key items to go on.

There is only one ending... or is there? The keyword of the whole game is "exploration".


Do make a thread if you have any questions, bug reports or inquiries! You can also contact me (Rukomura) at:

Dev Blog

Fran9696@gmail.com !

Install instructions

  1. Download the game in your desired folder;
  2. Double-click on the exe and follow the instructions;
  3. Open the game in the folder you installed it to;
  4. Launch "Trampled Flower.exe".


Trampled Flower 1.0.exe 15 MB
Trampled Flower 1.0 [ITA].exe 18 MB
Trampled Flower 1.0 [ESP]
Trampled Flower 1.0 [PT]

Development log