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"Starlit Droplet" is a puzzle adventure developed on RPG Maker VX Ace in the span of three months. It s a G-rated game, accessible to everyone.

The game features a star named Seirios who is on a task to free their significant other, the moon Luneth. The path, however, isn't free from obstacles...


In order to progress through the game, the player has to solve four different puzzles. Each room contains one that can be completed regardless of its order, minus for the fourth one, which will be open once all available puzzles are cleared.

Saving is automatically done each time the player enters a map.

The game is estimated to be up to 1 hour long, depending on how fast you complete puzzles and how fast you are. There's only one ending.

Stuck in the game? You can read how to solve the puzzles here!


Graphics, Story and Eventing - Rukomura
Music&SFX - Hibarist/Bruno Buglisi

More details in the Read Me file!


Should you want to contact me for bug reports or inquiries, you can find me at the following sites:

Twitter: Rukomura
E-mail: Fran9696*gmail.com (* > @)
Tumblr: Rukomura Games

Install instructions

Extract the contents in your desired folder and run "Game.exe".

Before launching the game, please take a look at the "Read me" file!


Starlit Droplet 1.0.rar 30 MB
Starlit Droplet Patch.rar 1 MB
Starlit Droplet 1.0 [PT]

Development log


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I loved the calm atmosphere of the game, I did not understand very well what happened in the story but even so I find it interesting to see what else will be in this story to understand it better

Thank you for the comment!
The game is structured in a non-linear way, which means you have to gather all the info you can find inside to be able to understand the plot.

Unfortunately, itch.io doesn't provide spoiler text in the comments or I would gladly explain the plot myself!

Hi ! Well, I just finished playing this game and despite its shortness, it was truly enjoyable ! It has a catchy atmosphere and the visuals are so polished ! The sprites look original too, and the puzzles weren't difficult but it was still nice to resolve those :)

To be honest, that really left me wanting to know more about the possible turn of events after the ending, haha :D

Thanks for this interesting game ! I'm so gonna check your other ones too ! c:

Hello!! Thank you so much for playing the game and I'm glad you enjoyed it! I'm definitely going to expand more on the world and release more stuff related to it, so I hope you will look forward to those!

Again, I really thank you for taking the time to play it!

Oooh, that's some great news !!! You can be sure I'll wait for it, I'm so glad ! :D

Good luck with all the work, then ! :)